🐳 30 Easy Cute Whale Drawing Ideas

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These gentle giants of the sea have captured the imagination of people for ages, and now it’s your turn to bring them to life on paper.

So grab your favorite pencils and let’s set sail on this artistic journey of easy simple whale drawing ideas for kids like you! πŸ‹βœοΈ

Simple Whale Drawing

Simple Whale Drawing

This is a easy simple whale drawing! It has a big, round body that looks like a big water drop. The whale looks happy and ready to swim around in the ocean. It’s a simple and adorable sea friend!

Whale with Sunglasses

Cool whale drawing, Whale with Sunglasses

Look at this super cool whale drawing! It’s not just any whale, this one’s wearing sunglassesπŸ•ΆοΈ. The sunglasses make it look like the coolest whale in the ocean 🌊, ready for a sunny day 🌞! With a cute little smile and a happy tail flip, it seems like it’s having the best time ever!

Whale on Surfboard

easy whale drawing, Whale on a Surfboard

Check out this drawing of a cool whale 🐳 riding a surfboard πŸ„, catching some waves 🌊. It’s having so much fun, sliding on the water with its big, happy smile. This whale is not just any ordinary sea creature, it’s a surfing star ⭐! 

Smiley Whale

drawing of a whale, Smiley Whale

Check out this cute drawing of a smiley whale 🐳! The whale’s got big, eyes πŸ‘€ and a super wide grin, showing off all its teeth. Maybe it saw a fish 🐠 telling a silly joke or perhaps it’s playing peek-a-boo πŸ™ˆ with its ocean friends 🌊!

Humpback Whale

draw a whale, Humpback Whale

Look at this cool humpback whale drawing! IThis humpback is blowing water up to the sky through its blowhole and splashing in the ocean with its big tail waving high. Can you imagine meeting this big buddy during an ocean adventure?

Whale with Party Hat

Simple whale drawing, Whale with Party Hat

Look at this drawing of a cute whale wearing a fun party hat πŸ₯³! It’s ready for a birthday bash under the sea πŸŽ‰. With a cute smile on its face and a tiny tail wagging, this whale looks like it’s about to sing “Happy Birthday” πŸŽΆπŸŽ‚!

Whale with Heart-shaped Fountain

whale easy drawing, Whale with Heart-shaped Fountain

Here’s a drawing of a lovely whale πŸ‹ splashing water with a big heart-shaped πŸ’™ fountain! It’s smiling with a joyful face, ready to play in the ocean waves πŸ’™. This friendly whale wants to share some love and happiness with everyone! πŸ’¦β€οΈ

Whale with Heart Patterns

easy whale to draw, Whale with Heart Patterns

This is a cute drawing of a whale with heart patternsπŸ’•! There’s a big heart-shaped splash πŸ’¦ coming from its blowhole, like it’s blowing a kiss or saying hello! πŸ³πŸ’–

Whale with Santa Hat

easy to draw whale, Whale with Santa Hat

Look at this drawing of a jolly whale wearing a cute Santa hat! It has a big, friendly smile and seems to be having a great time. This whale looks like it’s ready to celebrate the holidays and spread some Christmas cheer!

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Whale with Sail

easy cute whale drawing, Whale with a Sail

Here’s a happy little whale carrying a sailboat β›΅on its back swimming in the ocean. It looks like the whale is the boat’s very own moving island! It’s like the whale is playing pretend, imagining it’s a big ship sailing around the world!

Whale Ballance on Ball

whale drawing easy, Whale ballance on a Ball

Here’s a drawing of a cute baby whale doing an amazing trick! The whale is balanced on top of a big, black hoop, like a circus star πŸŽͺ. With a happy face and a little tail flipped up in the air, the whale seems to be having a great time showing off its balancing act!

Whale on Scooter

Easy whale drawing cute, Whale on a Scooter

Here’s a drawing of jolly whale having a blast on a scooter. Look at how it holds the handlebars with its fins, ready to zoom off! Vroom vroom, off it goes, scooting across the waves with a big, friendly smile. Beep beep, make way for the whale on wheels! πŸ³πŸ›΄

Whale in Snow

Cute whale drawing easy, Whale in Snow

This is a drawing of a cute whale playing in a snowy sea under a starry sky, with snowflakes ❄️ swirling all around. It’s like a magical winter wonderland in the ocean! 🌌🌊

Whale with Lighthouse

whale drawing idea, Whale with a Lighthouse

This is drawing of a big, smiling whale 🐳 is swimming near a lighthouse! The lighthouse stands tall on the waves 🌊, shining its light left and right ✨ to say “hello” to the friendly whale. What a fun day at sea!

Whale with Flower

Kawaii whale drawing, Whale with Flower

In this drawing, we have a big beautiful whale with a pretty flower 🌼 on its head. This whale is smiling, showing it’s a happy sea creature. The flower makes it seem like the whale might be off to a fun party under the sea!

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Singing Whale  

kawaii cute whale drawing, Singing Whale

This is a drawing of a happy whale that seems to be singing a song. With closed eyes and a peaceful smile, the whale is surrounded by musical notes 🎢, which means it’s probably making beautiful sounds underwater. 

Whale in Top Hat

Cartoon whale drawing, Whale in Top Hat

Here’s a drawing of a charming little whale 🐳 wearing a fancy top hat 🎩. The whale looks gentle and happy, with a cute smile and a friendly eye. It seems like it’s ready to go to a fancy party under the sea 🌊!

Whale with Rainbow

Cute whale drawing, Whale with Rainbow

Here’s a drawing of a cheerful little whale 🐳 under a colorful rainbow 🌈. The whale is smiling and has cute little bubbles above its head, which makes it look like it’s happily splashing in the water. The rainbow adding a touch of magic to the whale’s day.🌀️✨

Whale in Sunny Day

whale drawing simple, Whale in the Sunny Day

This is a drawing of a happy whale 🐳 swimming in the wavy ocean  πŸŒŠ with the bright sun β˜€οΈ shining above. The whale looks like it’s having a great time playing in the water, and it’s making cute splashes πŸ’¦ as it goes!πŸ–οΈβœ¨

Whale with Sunset

whale drawing for kids, Whale with Sunset

This is a drawing of a cute, smiling whale swimming in the sea as the sun 🌞 is setting down into the water. It looks peaceful and calm, just like when you watch the sunset at the beach. πŸŒ… The whale seems to be enjoying the quiet moment. 

Whale in Starry Night

Cute Whale in Starry Night Drawing

Here’s a drawing of a whale 🐳 in a starry night! 🌌 The the dark night filled with twinkly stars ✨ and a crescent moon πŸŒ™. Isn’t that a fun way to imagine a whale before bedtime? πŸ›Œβœ¨

Whale in Outer Space

Easy Whale in Outer Space Drawing

This is a drawing of a little whale 🐳 floating in space among stars ✨ and planets πŸͺ. The whale looks like it’s swimming through the sky, passing by tiny stars and big planets. It’s a cute drawing that makes space seem like a fun place to explore, just like the ocean! πŸŒŒπŸš€

Whale Balloon 

Cute Whale Balloon Drawing

It’s a drawing of a whale-shaped balloon 🐳🎈. It’s round and floaty, with a big smile and sparked eyes, and a string attached, looking like it’s ready to be carried up, up, and away into the sky! 🌈✨

Whale with Pillow 

Cute whale drawing, Whale with Pillow


Here’s a drawing of a cute, chubby whale 🐳 taking a rest on a squishy pillow. Its eyes are closed, and it has a content little smile, looking like it’s having the best nap time!

Whale Bath Time

Whale Bath Time Drawing Easy

This is a drawing of a happy whale taking a bath in a bathtub! The whale has a cute smile and is splashing around, with water drops flying everywhere. It even has a little water fountain spouting from its blowhole! πŸ³πŸ›πŸ’¦πŸ˜Š

Whale on Bicycle

Whale on Bicycle Drawing Cute

This is a cute drawing of a chubby, cheerful whale 🐳 on a tiny bicycle 🚲!  The whale seems to be enjoying a sunny day out, pedaling with glee. It’s a simple and sweet picture, full of joy! β˜€οΈπŸ˜Š

Whale with Ice Cream

Whale with Ice Cream Drawing Cute

This is a drawing of a happy whale 🐳 with a big, happy smile, holding a yummy ice cream cone 🍦 in one of its fins. The whale is very delighted with its treat. This whale looks like it’s having a fun and sweet moment!

Whale with Sea Turtle

Cute Whale with Sea Turtle Drawing

This is a drawing of a big, friendly whale πŸ‹  with a cute little turtle 🐒. The whale has a big smile, and there are little bubbles coming up from the turtle, all the way to the top of the water. They seem like good friends having fun in the ocean! 🌊✨

Whale in Hammock 

Whale in Hammock Drawing Cute

Here’s a drawing of a happy little whale  πŸ³ lying on a striped hammock tied between two palm trees 🌴. The whale looks very relaxed and is smiling under the sunshine β˜€οΈ, enjoying a lovely day at the beach πŸ–οΈ. It’s like the whale is on a fun vacation! πŸŽ‰βœ¨

Whale in Snow Globe

easy to draw, Whale in Snow Globe

Here’s a drawing of a cute whale inside a snow globe. The whale is swimming happily among little snowflakes and bubbles. The snow globe sits on a base, and it looks like a tiny, magical world where the whale is having a wonderful time splashing around!

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Keep diving into the world of art and let your creativity make a splash.

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