🌹35 Easy Rose Drawing Ideas

Welcome to the enchanting world of cute rose drawing! 🌹❤️

If you’re eager to add a touch of beauty and romance to your artistic repertoire, you’ve come to the right place. 🌸🖍️

In this guide, we’ll explore simple and delightful ways to create adorable rose illustrations. 🌷🎨

So grab your pencils, let your creativity blossom, and let’s embark on a journey filled with adorable rose drawings! 🌹✍️

Simple Rose Drawing

Simple Rose Drawing

It’s a drawing of a lovely, simple rose 🌹 with a single red bloom and a couple of green leaves on its stem, capturing the beauty of nature in a sweet and minimalist way.

Basic Rose Drawing

Basic Rose Drawing

It’s a basic rose drawing. To draw it, start with a small spiral in the center for the petals, then add bigger petals around it to make it bloom. Next, draw a stem with two leaves on each side. Lastly, color the petals with red and leaves with green. 

Rose in Vase

easy rose drawing, Rose in Vase

Here’s an easy drawing of a rose in a vase. The rose has a swirly center and sits on a stem with leaves. The vase is round at the bottom, perfect for keeping the flower standing up straight. 

Smiley Rose

rose easy drawing, Smiley Rose

It’s an easy cute drawing of a smiling rose. The rose has a round, happy face with dots for eyes and a curved line for a smile. It seems to say “hello” to everyone who looks at it!

Rose with Butterfly

easy to draw rose, Rose with Butterfly

Here’s a beautiful rose with a fluttering butterfly🦋 that easy to draw. The rose has swirly petals and looks soft and lovely. The butterfly seems happy and ready to dance in the air or take a little rest on the rose. 

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Rose with Ladybug

easy rose to draw, Rose with Ladybug

This is a drawing of a lovely rose with a friendly ladybug perched on top🌹🐞. The rose has many curved petals snuggled around each other, creating a full blossom. Our tiny dotted friend, the ladybug, seems to be enjoying the view from the rose!

Yellow Rose

Easy Yellow Rose Drawing

This is a drawing of a happy, sunny yellow rose with two green leaves. It’s full of cheer and might make you think of sunny days, playtime, and the smell of a fresh garden.

Rose in Pot

Easy Rose in Pot Drawing

Here’s a drawing of a beautiful rose planted in a simple pot. The rose has swirls of petals stacked in a pretty pattern. The pot is a neat little rectangle, giving the rose a cozy place to live. 

Rose By Window

Cute rose drawing, Rose by the Window

It’s a playful and cute drawing of a rose by the window. It’s like the rose is peeking out to say hello from its own little square!

Rose with Bow

easy cute rose drawing, Rose with Bow

This is an easy drawing of a pretty rose 🌹 a big, fancy bow 🎀 tied around the stem. It looks like a special gift flower that you might give to someone you care about!

Rose with Hearts

rose drawing, Rose with Hearts

It’s a drawing of a cute rose 🌹 surrounded by lots of little hearts ❤️ and sparkles ✨. The rose looks like it’s bursting with love and happiness!

Rose with Bee

rose drawing easy, Rose with Bee

This is an easy drawing of a pretty rose 🌹 with a cute bee 🐝 flying towards it. The bee looks friendly and is probably coming to say hello to the rose or get some nectar!

Rose in Cup

Easy Rose in Cup Drawing

It’s an easy drawing of a cute rose 🌹 is blooming from inside a cozy teacup ☕. The rose sitting snugly in the cup like it’s a plant pot. It’s as if the rose decided that a pot or garden was too common and chose a cup for its home instead!

Rose as Cupcake Topper

Cute Rose as Cupcake Topper Drawing

This is a cute drawing of a delicious-looking cupcake 🧁 with a rose topper. You can almost taste how sweet and yummy it would be!

Rose on Hat

Cute Easy Rose on Hat Drawing

Here’s a cute easy drawing of a stylish hat 👒 with a pretty rose 🌹 decoration on the side! This hat looks like it would be super cool to wear at a fancy tea party or a fun day out at the park! 🎩🌞🌼

Rose Hairpin

Easy Rose Hairpin Drawing

Here’s an easy drawing of a charming hairpin designed like a rose 🌹. You might imagine using it to style your hair for a fancy occasion or to add a bit of flower power to an everyday look! 🎀✨

Rose Brooch

Easy Rose Brooch Drawing

This is an easy drawing of an elegant brooch in the shape of a rose 🌹. It’s a lovely accessory that could add a touch of charm to any outfit! 🌸✨

Rose Fairy

Kawaii rose drawing, Rose Fairy


This is a drawing of a kawaii rose fairy, with a rose in her tiny hands. She embodies the gentle spirit of nature and magic, with her wings ready to flutter and spread joy. 🌹✨🧚‍♀️

Rose in Snow Globe

Cute rose drawing, Rose in Snow Globe

This is a cute drawing of a beautiful rose inside a snow globe. The snow globe has lots of tiny dots that look like snowflakes or glitter, making it magical and sparkly! 

Rose Crown

rose drawing cool, Rose Crown

Here’s a drawing of a pretty crown 👑 with a big rose 🌹. The rose is the most important jewel and has been carefully placed right in the center of the crown. It’s a drawing that might remind you of stories about kings, queens, and enchanted gardens.

Rose in Music

Easy Rose in Music Drawing

It’s an easy drawing of a lovely rose 🌹 with musical notes 🎵 dancing around it. The music notes look happy as if there’s a sweet song playing just for the rose, making the whole picture feel joyful and full of life. 🎶✨ It’s like the rose is listening to its own special melody.

Rose with Girl

draw a rose, Rose with Girl

Here’s a drawing of a girl with a kind smile 😊 holding a beautiful rose 🌹 in her hands. She has her eyes closed, like she’s making a wish, and her cheeks are rosy like the flower she’s holding. She looks very peaceful and content as if the rose has made her day a little brighter! 🌞✨

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Rose with Cat

kawaii cute rose drawing, Rose with Cat

It’s a drawing of a cute kawaii kitty cat 🐱 with a pretty rose 🌹 on its head. It seems like the little cat is enjoying a lovely day, wearing a rose like a little crown or a special decoration. The rose is right above its ear, making the kitty look extra adorable and fancy! 🌸✨

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Teddy Bear Holding Rose

rose drawing idea, Teddy Bear Holding a Rose

Here’s a drawing of a chubby little teddy bear 🧸 holding a long-stemmed rose 🌹. The bear is sitting down and holding the rose to its side. This teddy looks very friendly and would make a sweet companion! 🥰✨

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Rose with Dog

rose drawing cool, Rose with Dog

It’s a drawing of a puppy 🐶 holding a pretty rose 🌹 in its mouth. The puppy looks playful and friendly as if it’s bringing the rose to someone special as a lovely surprise! 🥰🌷✨

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Rose with Bunny 

Cartoon rose drawing, Rose with Bunny


Here’s a drawing of a cute cartoon bunny 🐰 holding a beautiful rose 🌹. The bunny is standing up on its back legs like it’s offering the rose to someone they love very much. The rose looks just as big as the bunny, making it an extra special gift. 🥰💐✨

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Rose in Bottle

Cool rose drawing, Rose in Bottle

It’s a drawing of a glass bottle 🍾 with a pretty rose 🌹 etched on it. It looks like a tiny magical potion or maybe a lovely perfume bottle that might smell like flowers. 🧪✨

Rose on Cake

rose drawing for kids, Rose on Cake

It’s a drawing of a beautiful cake🎂 with a big, fancy rose🌹 on top. The rose is so detailed, it looks like the star of the cake. The petals are swirly and pretty, just like a real flower!

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Rose on Gift Box

Cute Rose on Gift Box Drawing

It’s a cute drawing of a special gift box 🎁 with a big, beautiful rose 🌹 on top. The rose is sitting on a bow that’s wrapped around the gift. The gift box is waiting to be opened by someone lucky! 🥰

Rose in Glass Dome

Easy Cute Rose in Glass Dome Drawing

It’s an easy cute drawing of a magical rose standing tall inside a glass dome. The rose looks so perfect, with its petals swirled together just right, like a secret garden flower. 

Handbag with Rose

Cute Handbag with Rose Drawing

It’s a drawing of a cute handbag 👜 with a beautiful rose 🌹 on it. The rose looks so neat and pretty, making the handbag extra special! ✨

Rose Soap

Cute Rose Soap Drawing

It’s a drawing of a cute sweet-smelling soap 🧼 carved with a beautiful rose 🌹 on top. This soap looks like it would make bath time extra fun and fancy with its lovely flower design.

Rose in Mason Jar

Cute Rose in Mason Jar Drawing

This is a drawing of a cute glass jar with a big, pretty rose inside it! It’s like the rose is kept safe and sound inside the jar for you to look at and enjoy!

Rose Dress

Cute Rose Dress Drawing

Here’s a drawing of a cute girl wearing a dress made entirely of roses 🌹👗! Although we can’t see the girl’s face, we can imagine she’s happy and proud of her flowery dress! 🌸✨

Shoes with Rose

Cute Shoes with Rose Drawing

Here’s a drawing of a cute pair of shoes 👟 with a pretty rose 🌹 on each side, which makes them look extra special. These shoes are probably super comfy and perfect for playing or going on an adventure. 🏃‍♂️✨ 

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