60 Pencil Cute Easy Drawings For Beginners

Ready to dive into the world of sketch drawing? Let’s start with some pencil cute easy drawings that are perfect for beginners! Embark on your drawing adventure with pencil easy drawings! These sketch drawing ideas are simple yet fun.


Pencil Drawing Easy, Apple

Here’s an easy pencil drawing of an apple, with a gently curved outline and a short stem on top. 

Heart With An Arrow

Simple Pencil Drawing, Heart With An Arrow

Here’s a pencil drawing of a heart pierced by an arrow, a classic symbol of love and affection, represented in a simple pencil drawing style with soft lines and light shading.


Pencil Cute Easy Drawings, Ghost

This is a pencil cute easy drawing of a friendly ghost. The ghost has a simple smile and round eyes, and it appears to be floating above a small shadow on the ground.

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Simple Easy Pencil Drawings For Beginners, Houseplant

Here’s a pencil drawing of a houseplant with four leaves in a simple pot, exemplifying simple easy pencil drawings for beginners.

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Bow Tie

Easy Pencil Drawing, Bow Tie

Here’s a pencil drawing of a bow tie. It has two triangular wings with a striped central knot. This easy pencil drawing captures the essential form of a bow tie without intricate details, making it accessible for beginners to replicate.


Easy Drawing With Pencil, Pear

Here’s a pencil drawing of a pear. It’s an easy drawing with pencil, featuring the characteristic shape of the fruit with a rounded bottom and a tapering top, finished with a small stem.


Easy Drawing, Scarf

Here’s a pencil drawing of a scarf, an easy drawing with pencil that shows the accessory with folds and two ends dangling. It’s wrapped in a way to suggest it’s worn, providing a sense of warmth and style.


Pencil Drawing Idea, Bird

Here’s a pencil drawing of a cute bird standing. It’s an easy pencil drawing with a round body, a small triangle for a beak, large eyes, wing detail, and stick-like legs with simple feet.

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Paw Print

Sketch Drawing Easy, Paw Print

Here’s a pencil sketch drawing of an animal paw print. It’s a sketch drawing easy to recognize, with four oval toe pads and a larger, rounded base pad, capturing the iconic mark left by a furry friend.


Beginner Pencil Sketch, Sun

Here’s a pencil sketch drawing of a shining sun for beginner. This sketch shows the sun with radiating lines for rays and crosshatched shading within the circular shape, suggesting both light and texture. 


Easy Sketch Drawing, Flower

Here’s a pencil sketch drawing of a flower with five petals and a circular center. It has a slender stem and a single leaf, creating an easy sketch drawing ideal for beginners. 

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Pencil Drawing Easy And Beautiful, Fish

Here’s a pencil drawing of a chubby fish. It’s a pencil drawing easy and beautiful to look at, with the fish characterized by big, round eyes and a smiling mouth, giving it a friendly appearance.

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Simple Pencil Sketch, Candy

Here’s a simple pencil sketch of an candy. The candy has the ends of the wrapper twisted like the fins of a fish, giving it a playful and whimsical character.


Pencil Drawing Ideas, Ladybug

Here’s a pencil sketch of a cute ladybug. It has a round body with large spots, a smiling face, and two antennae on top of its head. The little creature seems to be standing and facing forward.


Beautiful Pencil Shading Drawing, Cloud

Here’s a pencil drawing of a fluffy cloud, showcasing beautiful pencil shading drawing techniques to create volume and texture, giving it a soft and realistic appearance.


Creative Beginner Pencil Sketch, Kite

Here’s a pencil sketch of a kite with a happy face, surrounded by clouds and stars. It’s a creative beginner pencil sketch with a whimsical touch, complete with a bow on the kite’s tail.


Beautiful Sketch Drawing Ideas, Cupcake

Here’s a pencil drawing of a cupcake with a swirl of frosting on top. It’s a beautiful sketch drawing idea that looks deliciously detailed, with the texture of the cupcake liner carefully rendered.

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Pencil Cute Easy Drawings, Mouse

Here’s a pencil drawing of a charming little mouse with large ears and a sweet expression. It fits perfectly with pencil cute easy drawings, ideal for those learning to draw endearing animal characters.


Pencil Drawing Ideas, Balloons

Here’s a pencil drawing of a bunch of balloons, clustered tightly and tied together at the ends of their strings. The pencil drawings showcase varied shading techniques, adding depth and dimension to each balloon.

Bee and Flower 

Pencil Drawing Ideas, Bee

Here’s a pencil drawing of a cheerful bee flying towards a flower. The bee has big, friendly eyes and a happy smile, its wings mid-flutter as it hovers over the bloom, depicted with delicate petals and a central seed.


Pencil Drawing Ideas, Tree

Here’s a pencil drawing of a tree with a dense, leafy canopy and a visible trunk. The shading gives the foliage a lush texture, and the ground is marked with hints of grass.

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Pencil Drawing Ideas, Sunglasses

Here’s a pencil drawing of a pair of sunglasses with reflective lenses. The frames are detailed, showing the contours and hinges, and the shading suggests a glossy finish.


Pencil Drawing Ideas, Dog

Here’s a pencil drawing of an adorable, wide-eyed puppy sitting down with its tongue playfully sticking out. 

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Moon with Stars

Pencil Drawing Ideas, Moon with Stars

Here’s a pencil drawing of a contented moon with a serene, smiling face, surrounded by stars scattered across the sky, exuding a peaceful and whimsical night scene.


Pencil Drawing Ideas, Owl

Here’s a pencil drawing of an adorable owl perched on a branch, with large, captivating eyes and a patterned body, giving it a cute and whimsical character.

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Pencil Drawing Ideas, Books

Here’s a pencil drawing of a closed book with a cover design featuring a sun peeking through clouds. The book’s spine and pages are detailed, showing a textured look with a bookmark peeking out.


Sketch Drawing Easy With Pencil, Snowman

Here’s a sketch drawing easy with pencil of a cheerful snowman with a button nose, eyes, a smiling mouth, and wearing a scarf. Its round body suggests soft snow.


Pencil Drawing Easy And Beautiful, Mittens

Pencil drawing easy and beautiful of a pair of cozy, knitted mittens with intricate patterns and ribbed cuffs, suggesting warmth and comfort.


Cute Pencil Drawing, Cat

This is a cute pencil drawing of a small, fluffy kitten with bright, wide eyes and a delicate nose, sitting quietly with its soft paws tucked underneath.

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Pencil Drawing, Cocoa

Here’s a pencil drawing of a steaming mug of coffee or tea. The cup is detailed with hatching and cross-hatching techniques that suggest its round shape and the texture of the material.


Attractive Pencil Drawing Ideas, Snail

Here’s a pencil drawing of a snail with a detailed, spiraled shell, and its body in gentle motion, which is an attractive drawing idea.


Pencil Drawing, Lollipop

Here’s a pencil drawing of a lollipop, all rendered with detailed shading to create a three-dimensional appearance.

Teddy Bear

Pencil Drawing, Teddy Bear

Here’s a pencil drawing of a teddy bear with a friendly face, round ears, and large, huggable paws, all detailed with fine shading to give a soft, textured look.

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Pencil Drawing, Tea

Here’s a pencil drawing of a simple tea cup, with steam gently rising from the hot beverage inside. 


Pencil Drawing, House

Here’s a pencil drawing of a quaint, gabled house featuring a chimney, with visible crosshatching for shadows and textures, giving it a sketched, dimensional appearance.

Ice Skates

Unique Pencil Sketch, Ice Skates

Here’s a pencil drawing of a pair of ice skates with detailed laces and blades, showing a unique pencil sketch style with fine shading and texturing.


Creative Pencil Sketch Drawing, Sailboat

Here’s a pencil drawing of a sailboat with its sail fully unfurled, detailed rigging, and a flag on top, displaying a creative pencil sketch drawing style with delicate shading to suggest dimension and texture.


Simple Sketch Drawing, Turtle

Here’s a pencil drawing of an adorable, cartoon-like turtle with a large head and a smiling face, represented in a simple sketch drawing style with soft shading and clear outlines.

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Beautiful Pencil Drawing, Butterfly

This is a pencil drawing of a butterfly with intricately patterned wings, showcasing a beautiful pencil drawing with fine lines and shading to create a lifelike and delicate appearance.

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Birthday Cake 

Easy Beautiful Pencil Drawings, Birthday Cake

Here’s a pencil drawing of a birthday cake with a single lit candle on top, detailed with icing and sprinkles, representing one of those easy beautiful drawings with charming simplicity and soft shading.


Pencil Shading Drawing Ideas, Flip-flops

Here’s a pencil drawing of a pair of flip-flops, showcasing detailed pencil shading drawing ideas with nuanced textures on the straps and soles to create a realistic appearance.


Easy Pencil Sketch, Pumpkin

It’s an easy pencil sketch of a pumpkin, showcases smooth lines and shading that highlight its rounded form and grooved texture.


Sketch Drawing Ideas, Bicycle

Here’s a pencil drawing of a classic bicycle, featuring detailed spokes, pedals, and a comfortable seat, executed with a depth of shading that brings out the structure beautifully, embodying great sketch drawing ideas for everyday objects.


Pencil Drawing Ideas, Seashell

This is a pencil drawing of a seashell with a spiral design, where the meticulous shading highlights its grooves and curves, presenting a captivating pencil drawing idea that captures the essence of natural geometry.


Pencil Drawing, Lemon

Here’s a pencil drawing of a lemon cross-section, artfully detailed to showcase the segments and textured rind with fine shading that creates a realistic depiction.


Creative Unique Pencil Drawing, Daisy

This is a pencil drawing of a daisy, its petals finely detailed and the center textured with a pattern of tiny circles, exemplifying a creative unique pencil drawing.


Drawing With Pencil, Pizza

It’s a quirky drawing with pencil of a pizza slice, where the crust is creatively transformed into a cinnamon roll, adding a touch of whimsy to the detailed toppings and melting cheese.


Pencil Cool Drawings, Rocket

Here’s a pencil drawing of a retro-style rocket, with detailed panels and porthole, exemplifying pencil cool drawings with its dynamic shading and a sense of lift-off.

Soccer Ball

Pencil Sketching Ideas, Soccer Ball

This is a pencil drawing of a classic soccer ball with pentagonal and hexagonal patterns, showcasing shading techniques that provide depth and texture. It’s perfect for pencil sketching ideas.


Octopus Pencil Drawing

Here’s a pencil drawing of a cute octopus with a large head and curling tentacles, each adorned with suction cups, rendered in a soft, cartoony style.

Rain Boots

Pencil Drawing, Rain Boots

This is a pencil drawing of a pair of tall rubber rain boots, detailed with smooth shading that reflects their sturdy form and practical design.

Baseball And Bat

Pencil Drawing, Baseball And Bat

Here’s a pencil drawing of a baseball and bat, captured with detailed shading that emphasizes the textures and contours of the ball’s stitches and the bat’s wood grain.


Easy Realistic Pencil Drawings, Dragon

Here’s a pencil drawing of a majestic dragon with expansive wings and an intricate body, showcasing easy realistic pencil drawings that bring mythical creatures to life with depth and detail.


Cool Pencil Drawings Easy, Elephant

Here’s a pencil drawing of a baby elephant, its large ears and long trunk depicted with endearing detail, embodying cool pencil drawings easy enough for artists of any skill level to appreciate or attempt.

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Birdhouse Pencil Drawing

This is a pencil drawing of a wooden birdhouse, with detailed textures on the walls and shingles, featuring a prominent entry hole and perch.


Pencil Drawing, Mushroom 

Here’s a pencil drawing of a mushroom, with a delicately shaded cap and stem, giving it a soft, three-dimensional appearance.

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Pencil Drawing, Rabbit 

Here’s a pencil drawing of a cute rabbit with large, expressive eyes and long ears, captured with soft shading to enhance its fluffy appearance.

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Pencil Drawing, Bee

Here’s a pencil drawing of a plump, cheerful bee with stripes and delicate wings, depicted with a friendly smile and a whimsical charm.


Pencil Drawing, Lemonade

Here’s a pencil drawing of a refreshing glass of water with a straw and a slice of lemon, displaying attention to detail in the textures and light reflections.

Hot Air Balloon

Pencil Drawing, Hot Air Balloon

Here’s a pencil drawing of a hot air balloon, its detailed pattern suggesting a woven texture, floating gracefully with a small gondola hanging below.

That’s a wrap on our journey into the world of pencil cute easy drawings for beginners! Remember, every artist starts with a simple line. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – they’re just stepping stones to your masterpiece. Keep practicing, stay curious, and most importantly, have fun with your sketches. Who knows? Today’s doodles might be tomorrow’s gallery pieces! So, keep that pencil moving, and let your creativity shine. Happy drawing!

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