🦁26 Cute Lion Drawing Easy

Hi, my friends! Are you ready to learn how to draw a lion with ease? Look no further! ✍️🦁

In this article, We have some cute lion drawing ideas that are easy to draw. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, these adorable lion illustrations will bring a smile to your face and ignite your creativity.

So, grab your pens, and get ready to embark on an artistic adventure filled with roars of joy! 🌟🦁

1. Sitting Lion

Basic lion drawing, Sitting Lion

Let’s begin with this cute little lion! Draw the fluffy mane that looks like soft petals around his head. His eyes are round and curious, and his nose and mouth form a sweet, friendly smile. Give the lion’s tail a dark tip, like he dipped it in ink. He’s sitting nicely, with his little paws in front of him. Isn’t he just adorable?

2. Lion Face

easy cute lion face drawing

Here’s a big, friendly lion face drawing! Depict the lion with a huge, round mane that looks like rays of sunshine. In the middle of the mane, there’s the lion’s happy face. He has two round ears, two big round eyes, and a cute nose and mouth. Draw the whiskers with little lines on the cheeks. There you go!

3. Lion Sunbathing

lion drawing, Lion Sunbathing

Look at this cute lion enjoying the sunshine! He’s lying down on the ground, resting his little paws. Above him, there’s a bright sun that’s shining and saying “Hello!” with its warm rays. Draw The lion with a sweet face and happy smile. As if he’s taking a nice sunbath on a lazy day! 🦁☀️

4. Lion with Flower Crown

lion drawings, Lion with Flower Crown

Here’s a cute lion with a flower crown! Draw the lion with a big, round face surrounded by a fluffy mane. Right on top of its head, depict he’s wearing a pretty flower crown! The lion’s face is cheerful with rosy cheeks, bright eyes, and a gentle smile. It’s as if this friendly lion is saying, “Hi there! Look at my lovely flower crown!” 🦁🌼

5. Lion in Pajamas

Easy lion drawing, Lion in Pajamas

Here’s a cute lion dressing up in a cozy jumpsuit! This lion stands on two legs just like we do and has a round head with a striped, circle-shaped mane. He’s wearing a jumpsuit that buttons up in the front. His tail peeks out from behind him. With closed eyes and a tiny smile, he seems to be enjoying his day!

6. Lion’s Scooter Adventure

Easy lion drawings, Lion’s Scooter Adventure

Look at this fun lion ready to scoot around! Depict the lion sitting happily on a little scooter. With his front paws on the handlebars and his fluffy tail raised, he looks eager to ride and explore. Imagine him zooming around, feeling the wind ruffle his mane as he goes on his scooter adventure! 🦁🛴

7. Lion Flying Kite

Cute lion drawing, Lion Flying Kite

The lion is having a splendid day, holding a kite in one paw, ready to let it soar high in the sky. With his eyes closed and a wide smile, the lion feels the gentle breeze and dreams of his kite dancing with the clouds. Even his fluffy tail wiggles with happiness! 🦁🪁

8. Lion with Magic Wand

easy cute lion drawing, Lion with Magic Wand

Depict the lion holding a magical wand with a shiny star. When he waves the wand, sparkly stars sprinkle out, making everything around him a little more magical. He’s ready to make a special wish, maybe he’s pretending to be a wizard or a fairy, using his wand to turn dreams into reality! 🦁✨

9. Lion Chef 

Easy lion drawing cute, Lion Chef

Draw the lion wearing a white chef’s hat on his head and dressing in a neat apron, seems ready to cook something yummy. Maybe he’s about to bake cookies or make a big pot of soup. This lion looks like the best chef in the jungle, and he’s surely going to whip up a tasty treat for all his animal friends!🦁🍲

10. Lion with Sunglasses 

Cool lion drawing, Lion with Sunglasses

Next, let’s draw this cool lion! He’s wearing big sunglasses that make him look super stylish. Maybe he’s going to a sunny beach or just enjoys looking fashionable. He’s the coolest lion in the jungle, always ready for a sunny day adventure! 😎🦁

11. Lion with Butterfly

lion drawing easy, Lion with Butterfly

Here’s a cute baby lion lying on the ground and tilting his head in wonder, looking curious and playful. His little tail wiggles behind him. He spots a tiny butterfly fluttering close by. Maybe the lion wants to play with it. It’s like they’re new friends discovering each other! 🦁🦋

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12. Lion Holding a Cupcake

Cute lion drawing easy, Lion Holding a Cupcake

Draw the lion is holding a delicious cupcake. His eyes sparkle with joy, and he seems really happy about his treat. Little hearts float around him, showing how much he loves the cupcake. His tail curves behind him, wagging in excitement. It’s like he’s saying, “Yummy! I can’t wait to have a bite!” 🦁❤️🧁

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13. Lion with Bubble Bath

Cartoon lion drawing, Lion with Bubble Bath

Here’s a cute lion sitting in a bubbly bathtub looks super happy and relaxed. Bubbles are floating around him, some big, some small, like a fun bubble party. The lion’s paws peek out from the frothy bath, and he seems to be enjoying his splashy time! 🦁🛁💦

15. Lion with Crown

Kawaii lion drawing, Lion with Crown

Here’s a little lion wears a shiny crown proudly, which means he’s the king of the jungle! He stands with his cute little paws, ready for a fun adventure. This lion isn’t just any lion. He’s a royal lion, and he seems like the friendliest king you’d ever meet! 🦁👑

15. Lion with Umbrella

lion drawing idea, Lion with Umbrella

Here’s a happy little lion holding a big umbrella above his head with his cute paw, ready for rain or sunshine. He has a big smile on his face, showing he’s having a great time. It looks like this friendly lion is ready for any adventure, whether it’s dancing in the rain or playing in the sunshine!

16. Lion Superhero 

lion drawing cool, Lion Superhero

Here’s cool lion with a shiny superhero cape fluttering behind him. His face is full of joy and his eyes sparkle with excitement. This lion seems ready for a magical adventure, flying around with his cape, protecting his friends, and spreading happiness everywhere he goes. He’s a true superhero lion!

17. Lion Picnic

lion drawing ideas, Lion Picnic

The lion is going for a fun picnic with his friends! Draw the lion with a fluffy mane, a friendly face, round ears, and a curly tail. Then a little basket next to him. It would be a great day for him to play with friends, share his picnic, and have lots of fun under the sun!

18. Lion in Hot Air Balloon 

lion drawing cute, Lion in Hot Air Balloon

Here’s a cute lion with a fluffy mane is having an adventure in a big hot air balloon. The balloon is striped, just like a zebra, and it floats high above the ground. Around the lion, there are fluffy white clouds. It’s a fun day for the lion, flying and exploring the big blue sky! ☁️☀️

19. Lion in Hammock

Simple lion drawing, Lion in Hammock

Our friendly lion with a spiky mane is taking a relaxing nap in a hammock. The lion looks so comfy, curled up with a big smile on his face. His tail hangs down, and one paw up. It seems like the perfect day for the lion to rest and dream sweet dreams!

20. Lion with Lollipop

lion drawing simple, Lion with Lollipop

Here a fun drawing of a lion licking a big, swirly lollipop! The candy has stripes and looks super yummy. The lion holds the lollipop with his cute paw. It’s clear that this lion loves treats just like we do. With his little tail and happy eyes, he’s having a sweet time enjoying his candy! 🦁❤️🍭

21. Lion with Balloon

lion drawing for kids, Lion with Balloon

Here’s a heartwarming drawing of a lion holding a heart-shaped balloon. He grips the string of the balloon with his little paw. The heart balloon floats in the air, maybe he’s giving the balloon to someone special. 🦁🎈🥰

22. Lion with Flower

easy Lion with Flower Drawing

There’s a lion is about to get a pretty flower that someone hands to him (You don’t need to draw that someone’s hand!). Draw the lion with a big mane and a smile on his face. It’s like the lion is giving someone a flower gift! 🦁🌺❤️

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23. Lion with Snowman

easy cute Lion with Snowman drawing

Here’s a friendly lion sitting next to a snowman that he just built with hands. Draw the snowman’s body with three round snowballs stacked on top of each other, and he’s wearing a tall hat and a carrot nose. It seems they’re having a fun time together!⛄️🦁

24. Lion on Swing

cute Lion on Swing drawing

Here we see a happy little lion with a big smile on his face, swinging back and forth on a swing. He looks like he’s having so much fun, just like when you play at the park! Maybe he’s pretending to fly like a bird or just enjoying the feeling of the wind in his mane!

25. Lion Gazing Stars

simple Lion Gazing Stars drawing

Here’s a lion sitting calmly and gazing the stars. Above and around him, the sky is filled with twinkling stars. The lion seems to be enjoying the starry night and might even be making a wish on the brightest star. ⭐️🦁✨

26. Lion Magician

Cute lion drawing easy, Lion Magician

This is a drawing of a cute lion wearing a magician’s outfit. The lion, showcasing an easy-to-draw style, features a charming smile, a top hat, a bowtie, and a tailcoat. It also holds a magic wand, adding a playful touch to the image. 🎩🦁✨

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There you have it, the culmination of our artistic journey! We hope you’ve had a roaring good time exploring ‘how to draw a lion’ and discovering the joy of creating cute easy lion drawings. 🦁✍️🎉

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