🐶 38 Cute Easy Dog Drawing Ideas

Welcome to the world of cute easy dog drawings! 🐾❤️

If you’re a dog lover and eager to capture the charm of our furry companions on paper, you’re in for a treat. 🖍️🌟

In this guide, we’ll explore simple dog drawing ideas that will help you create cute dog illustrations with ease. 🐕🎨

So grab your pencils, let your creativity unleash, and let’s embark on a delightful journey of dog-inspired art! 🐶✍️

Bichon Frisé Face

dog face drawing, Bichon Frisé Face

Let’s begin by drawing some easy cute dog face drawings! This is a simple drawing of a Bichon Frisé’s face. The dog looks a bit grumpy but in a cute way. It has round eyes that are close together and a little frown. Even though it’s making a grumpy expression, you can’t help but want to give it a gentle pat!

Shiba Inu Face

Cute Shiba Inu Face Drawing

This is a cute drawing of a happy Shiba Inu’s face! Draw it with a big, round head, pointy ears, and a bright smile with its tongue sticking out. Its eyes are like two little dots, and it looks friendly and playful. The Shiba Inu seems like it’s ready to play or get some treats!

Dalmatian Face

Easy Dalmatian Face Drawing

Draw The Dalmatian with one big black spot covering one of its eyes, and the other side is plain. Give it floppy ears that hang down and a nose with one round dot. It looks like a friendly dog that you might want to pet!

Westie Face

Kawaii Westie Face Drawing

Depict the Westie’s face in a round shape and covered in soft, wavy fur, making it look like a fluffy cloud. It has two tiny eyes and a small, round nose in the middle. Its ears are pointy shapes that stand up tall. Overall, this dog looks friendly and soft, and like it would be a great buddy to play with!

Sad Dog Face

Cartoon Sad Dog Face Drawing

This is a drawing of a sad dog face. The dog has floppy ears that droop down on both sides of its head. Its face is round and squishy. The dog’s eyes look like it’s almost about to cry, and its mouth is turned downward in a little frown, making us want to give it a big hug. Maybe it just wants some company…

Sleepy Dog

Simple dog drawing, Sleepy Dog

The doggy has a round face with two ears that stick out to the sides. It looks like it’s taking a peaceful nap. Its eyes are closed, showing it’s in a deep sleep. The dog is resting its head on its paws, looking comfy and cozy. It seems so quiet and calm like it’s having the sweetest dream. 

Dog with Flower

dog drawing, Dog with Flower

This is a cute drawing of a dog holding a flower. The dog has big, round eyes and a smiling face. It sits up straight and has a flower in front of it, like a gift. It looks like the dog wants to give the flower to someone special, making you think of a friendly dog sharing love with a pretty flower. 🌺💕🐶

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Dog with Hula Hoop

easy dog drawing, Dog with Hula Hoop

This is a drawing of a happy dog standing up and holding a hula hoop. The dog has a cheerful face with shiny eyes and a cute smile. It seems like it is ready to play with the hula hoop. The drawing is fun and makes you think of playtime with a friendly dog.

Dog with ‘Woof’ Sign

dog drawings, Dog with ‘Woof’ Sign

The dog has big floppy ears and a sweet smile on its face. It’s holding a sign with its paws, and the sign says “WOOF”, which is the sound a dog makes when it barks. The dog seems happy to show the sign like it’s saying ‘hello’ to everyone.  

Cute Puppy

Cute dog drawing

This is a drawing of a cute little puppy. The puppy has two big black droopy ears on each side, and a big round nose in the middle. It sits with its paws right in front of it. It’s a cute and gentle drawing that makes you want to give the puppy a comforting pat on the head.

Dog with Birthday Hat

easy cute dog drawing, Dog with Birthday Hat

This is a cute drawing of a happy puppy wearing a fun party hat! The puppy has floppy ears, a big smile, and a little tongue sticking out. Its eyes are round and shiny, showing how excited it is. The puppy is sitting down, and its tail curls up behind it. It looks like the puppy is ready for a fun celebration or a birthday party!

Doggie Bath Time

Cute Doggie Bath Time Drawing

This is a drawing of a happy dog sitting inside a bathtub. The dog has floppy ears and a big, cheerful smile on its face. It looks exciting and ready for a fun bath time! The dog’s tail is wagging, showing how happy it is. It seems like the dog loves taking baths and playing in the water!

Dog with Banana

Easy dog drawing cute, Dog with Banana

This is a drawing of a  cute little dog enjoying a banana. The dog has a big smile as it munches on the middle of the banana. It looks like this puppy really loves eating bananas! The dog’s eyes are closed with joy, and it seems so happy! 🐶❤️🍌

Dog with Bone

dog drawing easy, Dog with a Bone

This is a picture of a happy little dog holding a bone! The dog has big, floppy ears and a wagging tail. Its eyes are squinted with joy, and with a big, wide smile on its face, and seems very excited about it! This pup sure loves its bone! 🐶❤️🦴

Dog with Doghouse

Cute dog drawing easy, Dog in Doghouse

This is a drawing of a cute dog with its little house. The dog has a long tail and is looking at the house as if it’s thinking about going inside. It looks like the perfect cozy spot for the dog to rest or play. The dog seems calm and happy to be near its home! 🐶💕🏡

Dog with Ball

dog drawing, Dog with Ball

This is a drawing of a cute dog sitting down with its favorite toy ball. The dog has round, friendly eyes and a big, happy smile. Its ears are soft and floppy. The dog seems to be waiting for someone to come and play fetch. It looks like the dog loves its ball very much and wants to have some fun! 🐶💕⚽️

Sleeping Dog

kawaii dog drawing, Sleeping Dog

This is a drawing of a cozy dog. The dog is lying down on a soft mat, taking a rest. It has big, floppy ears and a round body. The dog looks very comfortable and peaceful like it’s enjoying a nice nap.

Dog with Butterfly

dog drawing idea, Dog with Butterfly

Here’s a playful dog reaching out to a pretty butterfly. The dog stretches its paws towards the butterfly as if it wants to play or say hello. The butterfly is flying above the dog, looking delicate and beautiful. It’s like the dog is seeing the butterfly for the first time and is super interested in its new flying friend. 🐶💕🦋

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Dog with Bow and Arrow

Cartoon dog drawing, Dog with a Bow and Arrow

Here’s a fun drawing of a little dog! The dog is holding a big bow and arrow, just like a brave archer. He has a quiver on his back, filled with more arrows, ready for a playful adventure. He seems excited about using his bow and arrow. Maybe he’s practicing to become the best doggy archer in the park! 🐶❤️🏹

Dog in Raincoat

dog drawing cute, Dog in Raincoat

This is a drawing of a little dog wearing a shiny raincoat with a big hood. The dog is sitting down, ready to face the rain. Its big, curious eyes are looking straight ahead, and it has floppy ears, a round nose, and soft paws. The raincoat has a hood to keep its head dry and a cute bow tied in the front. It looks like the dog is saying, “Even if it rains, I’m ready!”

Dog as Superman

dog drawing cool, Dog as Superman

This is a cute drawing of a puppy who is pretending to be Superman! He’s wearing a special suit with a big “S” on the front, which means it’s super strong and brave, just like Superman. The costume has a shiny belt and a flowing cape that helps the dog fly high in the sky. This puppy looks like he’s ready to save the day and go on a super adventure!

Dog as Batman

Cool dog drawing, Dog as Batman

This is another cool superhero costume – Batman! The dog has a black mask covering his eyes, just like Batman does. He also wears a big, flowing cape behind him. When he wears this outfit, maybe he imagines he’s flying around the city, saving the day! It’s fun to pretend, and this doggy is having a great time being a superhero for the day!

Dog and Cat

dog drawing for kids, Dog and Cat

This is a sweet drawing of a big dog and a little cat sitting together. The dog is tall and has floppy ears. Next to him is a cute cat with a long, curly tail and whiskers. The cat has a smile face and looks happy. They are the best of friends, sitting close and enjoying each other’s company.

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Dog Reading Storybook

Cute Dog with Storybook Drawing

Here’s a cute drawing of a little puppy reading his storybook. This puppy is not running around or playing with a ball, instead, he’s doing something special. He’s sitting down and reading the storybook! The book must have exciting stories because the puppy looks very focused and interested. 🐶📖

Dog with Doll Toy

Kawaii Dog with Doll Toy Drawing

Look this is a drawing of the dog holding his favorite doll. And the best part is that the little doll looks the same just like the puppy’s mini-me! The puppy seems so proud and happy to have his own special toy. It’s like when you have a favorite toy or stuffed animal that you like to carry around and show to your friends. This puppy must really love his doll!

Dog with Collar Tag

Easy Dog with a Collar Tag Drawing

Here’s a cute drawing of a little dog with a collar tag! He’s sitting up straight, looking right at us with a happy face. The dog has round, bright eyes and a small, cheerful nose. On his neck, he wears a collar with a shiny tag hanging down. His fur is short and wavy, especially on top of his head, making him look playful.

Dog as Detective

Easy Dog as Detective Drawing

This is a drawing of a cute puppy detective. He’s wearing a fun hat on his head. The puppy also has a magnifying glass in his paw, which helps him look closely at things, just like real detectives do when they’re trying to solve mysteries. It looks like he’s on an adventure, searching for clues. This detective puppy is ready to explore and find out new things!

Dog as Artist 

Cartoon Dog as Artist Drawing

This is a drawing of a happy little puppy artist! He has big, shiny eyes and floppy ears. The puppy is wearing a cute pair of overalls with a pocket in front. In his paw, he’s holding a big paintbrush, ready to create a colorful masterpiece. This puppy artist is super talented and can’t wait to show everyone his paintings!

Dancing Dog 

dog drawing simple, Dancing Dog

This is a picture of a joyful doggy dancing to music! The doggy is standing on two legs, wiggling and twirling with a big smile on its face. All around the doggy, there are musical notes floating in the air. It looks like the music is making the doggy super happy and it just can’t help but dance! The doggy’s tail might be wagging to the rhythm of the tune. This dancing doggy sure knows how to have fun! 📻🎶

Dog with Camera 

Cute Dog with Camera Drawing

This is a drawing of a cute little puppy holding a camera! The puppy looks like it’s ready to take a picture. It’s sitting nicely with its tail curled around its feet. The camera is almost as big as the puppy’s face! Maybe the puppy wants to be a photographer and take photos of its doggy friends or the beautiful things it sees. Smile, because the puppy might take a photo of you next! 📷

Dog with Bowtie 

Cool Dog with Bowtie Drawing

Here’s a cool dog in a Bowtie! The puppy wearing a fancy bow tie, looks like it’s going to a party or maybe it’s the guest of honor! This puppy seems proud of its bow tie and is ready to show it off to everyone. Imagine going to a fun event and seeing this friendly puppy greet you at the door!

Dog with Scarf

Cute Dog with Scarf Drawing

It’s a drawing of a fancy dog with a scarf! The dog is wearing a scarf around its neck, tied in a playful knot on the side. The scarf has fun lines on it, making it look stylish. The dog has perky ears that stand up tall and round, shiny eyes that show its happiness. This dog seems like it loves to play and have a good time!

Dog with Frisbee

Cute dog drawing of Dog with Frisbee

Here’s a joyful little dog playing outside with a frisbee! The dog has caught the frisbee in its paws and looks super excited. You can tell the dog is having a lot of fun! It has cute floppy ears and a wagging tail, showing how happy it is. This drawing makes you think of sunny days in the park, playing and running around with furry friends. It’s such a fun and happy picture!

Dog with Sunglasses

Cool dog drawing, Dog with Sunglasses

This is a drawing of a dog wearing cool sunglasses! The dog has big, round sunglasses that cover its eyes. It has floppy ears that hang down on each side of its head. The dog looks like it’s ready to have fun in the sun with those stylish glasses!

Dog in Car

Cute Dog in Car Drawing

This is a fun drawing of a happy dog driving a car! The dog has big floppy ears that stick out, and a big, cheerful smile on its face. It looks super excited, with its tongue out and one paw up, like it’s saying “hello” to everyone it passes by!

Dog Ballerina

Cute Dog Ballerina Drawing

This is a happy little dog wearing a tutu skirt and dancing like a ballerina! The dog has fluffy hair, big cheerful eyes, and one paw raised in the air. It looks like it’s twirling around and showing off its dance moves. With its cute tutu, the doggie seems to be saying, “Look at me! I’m the best doggie dancer!”

Dog in Rain Puddle

Cute Dog in Rain Puddle Drawing

This is a drawing of a fluffy dog playing in the rain puddle! The dog looks happy with its tongue out and wagging tail. It’s sitting in a puddle, and there are water droplets splashing all around it. Maybe the dog is trying to cool off. Or perhaps the doggy just loves splashing in puddles after some rain!

Dog with Beach Volleyball

Easy dog to draw, Dog with Beach Volleyball

Look at this playful dog on the beach! It’s trying to play beach volleyball. The dog is jumping in the sand, trying to hit a big ball in the air. The sand is flying everywhere because the dog is moving so fast. With its happy face and wagging tail, the dog looks like it’s having so much fun!

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