30 Easy Cute Dinosaur Drawing Ideas

Are you a fan of dinosaurs and looking for some fun and easy drawing ideas? Look no further than these easy cute dinosaur drawing ideas!

From the friendly and playful Stegosaurus to the adorable and curious Triceratops, there are so many different types of dinosaurs that you can draw. You can even use your imagination to create your own unique and whimsical dinosaur characters.

With just a few simple steps, you can bring these prehistoric creatures to life on the page and create your own dinosaur-filled world.

So grab your pencils and paper and get started!

1. Dinosaur Fascinated by Butterfly

simple dinosaur drawing, Dinosaur Fascinated by Butterfly

Its a drawing of a cute dinosaur standing on four little legs looking up at a fluttering butterfly . The dinosaur seems very surprised and happy to see the butterfly flying. The butterfly looks almost like its waving hello to him!

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2. Dinosaur Leaping

easy cute dinosaur drawing, Dinosaur Leaping

Here’s a drawing of a happy little dinosaur leaping! The dinosaur is in mid-jump, with its legs extended and its tail trailing behind. It seems excited and energetic as if it’s leaping over an obstacle or into the air!

3. Grumpy Baby Dinosaur

kawaii dino drawing, Grumpy Baby Dinosaur

It’s a drawing of a cute baby dinosaur with a bit of a grumpy face. The dino has tiny little feet sticking out and a small mouth in a pout, showing its not too pleased. Even though it looks a bit sulky, its still quite adorable!

4. Dinosaur Holding Balloon

Cute Dinosaur Drawing, Dinosaur Holding Balloon

Its a drawing of a happy little dinosaur holding a big balloon! Its tiny arms are just long enough to hold onto the balloon string, and its tail curls up with joy. The dino has a big smile on its face, looking like its having the best day ever!

5. Dinosaur with Polka Dots

Easy Dinosaur Drawing, Cute Dinosaur with Polka Dots

 Here’s an easy drawing of a cute green dinosaur with orange polka spots! It has a long neck and tail, and its standing up tall. It looks like a nice dinosaur friend to play with!

6. Dinosaur with Kite

Easy Cute Dinosaur Drawing, Dinosaur Flying Kite

Draw a cute dinosaur flying a kite in a sunny, open field. Capture the dinosaur’s joyful and carefree spirit as it enjoys the simple pleasure of flying a kite.

7. Dinosaur with Ice Cream

small cute dinosaur drawing, Dinosaur with Ice Cream

It’s a drawing of a cheerful dinosaur enjoying a delicious treat . The dino has a big smile and its mouth wide open, ready to take a big bite of the ice cream cone it’s holding. It’s a cute moment of dino delight!

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8. Dinosaur Riding Scooter

Dino Drawing Easy, Dinosaur Riding Scooter

Heres a drawing of a jolly little dinosaur riding a scooter! It has a big smile on its face, and it looks like its having a lot of fun. Its zipping along, maybe heading to the park or a friends house to play! 氯

9. Yellow Chubby Dinosaur

little dinosaur drawing, Yellow Chubby Dinosaur Drawing Cute

Its a drawing of a cute, chubby dinosaur thats colored like the sun 儭. It has little blue spikes along its back, a friendly face, and a pointy tail. The dinosaur seems to be happily plodding along, maybe looking for a snack!

10. Dinosaur with Birthday Cake

Easy Cute Dino Drawing, Dinosaur with Birthday Cake

Heres a drawing of a cheerful little dinosaur standing next to a yummy birthday cake with one bright candle 荔 on top. The dinosaur is super excited to make a wish and blow out the candle! 

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11. Dinosaur’s Balloon Discovery

Dino Drawing Easy Cute, Dinosaur's Balloon Discovery

Its a drawing of a surprised dinosaur looking up at a big hot air balloon floating among the stars and clouds 儭 in the night sky. Maybe the dinosaur is wondering about taking a ride in the balloon and soaring high with the stars!

12. Dinosaur with Flower Crown 

Dinosaur Drawing Cute, Dinosaur with Flower Crown

Heres a drawing of a friendly dinosaur with a big, happy smile and a flower crown on its head . Its standing up, waving hello with one little hand , and its tail and back have cute little spikes.

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13. Baby Dinosaur Hatchling

Easy Cute Baby Dinosaur Drawing, Baby Dinosaur Hatchling

Its a drawing of a little dinosaur hatching from an egg . The egg is cracked open, and the baby dinosaur is popping out, looking excited to see the world. Its little hands are reaching out as if it’s saying, “I’m here!”

14. Flying Dinosaur

dinosaur drawing cool, Flying Dinosaur

Here’s a drawing of a cool flying dinosaur dinosaur soaring through the sky. It has big, flappy wings, almost like a playful dragon ready to go on a sky-high adventure among the clouds 儭嚗

15. Baby Dinosaur Waving Hello

Baby Dinosaur Drawing, Baby Dinosaur Waving Hello

This is a drawing of a playful baby dinosaur . Its sitting down, winking with one eye, and waving hello with one limb to us! Theres also a tiny heart above its eye, showing its full of love and joy.

16. Dinosaur Splashing in Puddle

dinosaur easy to draw, Dinosaur Splashing in Puddle

Its a drawing of a cheerful little dinosaur jumping and splashing in a rain puddle! It looks like it’s having a blast, jumping with joy into a puddle, and the water drops are dancing all around it.

17. Dinosaur in Pajamas

cartoon dinosaur drawing, Dinosaur in Pajamas

This is a drawing of a dinosaur in cozy pajamas . It’s wearing striped PJs with buttons and a snug nightcap, all ready to snuggle in for a good night’s sleep with a gentle smile.

18. Excited Baby Dinosaur

Easy Baby Dinosaur Drawing, Excited Baby Dinosaur

Here’s a drawing of a small, cute dinosaur with an excited look. It has a friendly smile, wide eyes, and a row of triangular spikes running down its back. It’s sitting down, and it looks like it’s happy to see you!

19. Dinosaur with Tough Sticking Out

Cute Baby Dinosaur Drawing, Dinosaur with Tough Sticking Out

Here’s a drawing of a tall dinosaur showing off a big, silly grin with its tongue playfully sticking out. It has a row of neat spikes from the top of its head down its back. With its hands up like it’s dancing, it seems full of joy and ready for fun.

20. Dinosaur Walking Around

tiny dinosaur drawing, Easy Dinosaur Walking Around Drawing

Here’s a drawing of a little dinosaur walking around. It has a long tail and a sweet smile on its face, and its eyes are closed like it’s enjoying a gentle breeze. 

21. Dino Reading Book

Cute Baby Dino Drawing, Dino Reading Book Drawing Cute

Its a drawing of a jolly baby dino who loves to read ! Its sitting down comfy-cozy with a book open in its hands, and it looks like its learning new things and going on adventures in its imagination!

22. Dancing Dinosaur

dinosaur cute drawings, Dancing Dinosaur Drawing

It’s a drawing of a dinosaur that’s standing upright and dancing. It has a nice big smile, with two little arms outstretched. This dino has a pattern of stripes on its back and a few sharp teeth showing, adding to its playful charm. 塔

23. Dinosaur Munching Grass

Cool Dinosaur Drawing, Munching Grass

It’s a drawing of a dinosaur munching on some grass. Its bent over a small patch of grass, enjoying a tasty snack. It seems like this dino is having a great time finding delicious plants to eat! 梗

24. Hospitable Dinosaur 

Cute Hospitable Dinosaur Drawing

It’s a drawing of a cheerful dinosaur standing on two legs, eagerly waiting for its friends to come over and share in the fun. With its welcoming wave and a big smile, it’s ready for a day full of play and adventure!

25. Dino Playing Skateboard

Cute Dino Playing Skateboard Drawing

Its a drawing of a super cool dino on a skateboard ! Standing on its back feet on the skateboard, it looks like its ready to roll down the street. This skateboarding dino is definitely the coolest one in the prehistoric park! 喫

26. Dinosaur Playing with Blocks

cartoon dinosaur drawing easy, Dinosaur Playing with Blocks

Heres a drawing of a cute dinosaur playing with blocks! 妤 Its carefully placing one block on top of another, trying to make a tall tower. This friendly dino looks like its having a lot of fun building and playing, just like kids do! 

27. Triceratops

Cute Baby Triceratops Drawing Easy

This is a drawing of a cute baby triceratops! It has a big friendly smile and three sharp horns on its head. Its skin is dotted with little spots, and it has a short tail.

Cool Triceratops Drawing Easy

Here’s a drawing of a cool elder Triceratops! It has some cool horns on its face, like a little crown. The Triceratops is on all four legs, ready to trot along for some fun adventures. This dino buddy is surely up for some prehistoric playtime!

28. Stegosaurus

Cartoon Stegosaurus Drawing

Its a drawing of a cute Stegosaurus, a dinosaur with plates on its back and spikes on its tail. This little Stegosaurus is standing up on two legs, smiling big, and seems very friendly, ready for an adventure or to meet some new friends!

Cool Stegosaurus Drawing

Its another drawing of a cute Stegosaurus! The Stegosaurus is colored in green with little black spots, and the plates have a nice orange touch like the sun setting down. It looks like its ready to play and stomp around with its four-strong legs!

29. Brontosaurus

Easy Cute Brontosaurus Drawing

Its a drawing of a long-necked Brontosaurus! This friendly dinosaur has a big smile and a long tail that swishes behind it. Its neck stretches up high, maybe to nibble on some tasty leaves. 

30. Dino Playing On Slide

Easy Dino Playing On Slide Drawing Cute

Its a drawing of a happy dinosaur having a blast on a slide at the playground! Look at that big, excited smile as it goes whoosh down the slide. Its little hands are up in the air like its saying Whee! What a fun day out at the park! 喫

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Drawing cute dinosaurs is a fun and enjoyable way to unleash your artistic side and create charming and playful illustrations. With the help of these easy cute dinosaur drawing ideas, you can bring these prehistoric creatures to life on the page and have fun while doing it. 兩儭

Whether youre drawing for your own enjoyment or sharing your artwork with others, these cute dinosaur illustrations are sure to bring joy and delight to everyone who sees them.

So keep exploring your creativity and have fun with your drawings. Who knows, you might even discover new and exciting ways to draw your favorite dinosaurs that you never thought possible before!

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