🐒How To Draw A Monkey Step-by-step? Cute Monkey Drawing Easy

How to draw a monkey step-by-step? Drawing a monkey can seem daunting at first, but fear not –  our cute monkey drawing easy tutorial will provide you with relief. Whether you’re a seasoned artist looking to expand your repertoire or a beginner eager to pick up a pencil, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process. And we also have 30 simple monkey drawings that inspire you to make your monkey drawing both achievable and enjoyable. So grab your drawing supplies and get ready to embark on a creative journey into the wild world of monkey artistry!

How To Draw A Monkey Step-by-step? Cute Monkey Drawing Easy

How To Draw A Monkey Step-by-step? Cute Monkey Drawing Easy

Drawing a easy monkey involves creating simple shapes and lines to capture the essence of a monkey without detailed realism. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you draw your own monkey:

### Materials Needed

– Paper

– Pencil or fine black marker

– Eraser (if using pencil)

Step 1: Outline the Head

Outline the Head

Start by drawing a simple oval shape for the head. This doesn’t need to be perfect, as slight irregularities can add character.

Step 2: Add the Face

Add the Face

Next, draw a heart shape, minus the pointed part on the bottom to make the monkey’s face.

Step 3: Draw the Eyes, Mouth, and Nose

Draw the Eyes, Mouth, and Nose

Inside the head, draw two large dots for the eyes. 

For the nose, draw a small upside-down triangle in the center just below the eyes.

Add a wide, curved line below the nose to create a smiling mouth.

You can add a touch of cheekiness by placing two small curved lines above the eyes for eyebrows.

Step 4: Draw the Ears

Draw the Ears

On either side of the head, draw large, floppy ears. 

Step 5: Add Tuft of Hair

Add Tuft of Hair

Above the head, draw a small, simple tuft of hair or a sprout-like shape to add character.

Step 6: Add Arms

Add Arms

For the arms, draw two long, curved lines starting from each side of the body. Add simple hands at the ends with just a line or two for fingers.

Step 7: Add Legs

Add Legs

Draw the legs sitting style: create two bent lines at the bottom of the body with half-round shapes for feet. And connect the body with a curved line at the bottom.

Step 8: Draw Tail

Draw Tail

Add a playful tail by drawing a curved line starting from the back of the body. Let it loop up and then curl around.

Step 9: Fill the Head

Fill the Head

Color the head of the monkey with black ink to provide contrast.

Step 10: Final Touches

Final Touches

If you used a pencil initially, you can go over your pencil lines with a black marker to make your monkey stand out. And erase any unnecessary pencil marks.

### Tips

Keep your lines light until you are satisfied with the shapes. This makes it easier to correct any mistakes.

This simple guide will help you draw a delightful monkey, perfect for a children’s illustration or just for fun. Enjoy the drawing process!

Simple Monkey Drawings

Monkey Face

Monkey Face Drawing

This is a simple, cute monkey face drawing. The monkey has large ears, a small tuft of hair on top, and a surprised expression with a small open mouth.

Monkey with Flower

Monkey Drawing Easy, Monkey With Flower

Here’s a drawing of a monkey with a charming smile and a flower on its head. It sits contently, its tail curled in a relaxed pose, embodying a monkey drawing easy for anyone to appreciate or replicate.

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Monkey with Camera

Easy To Draw Monkey, Monkey With Camera

Here’s a drawing of a monkey holding a camera, looking like it’s ready to snap a picture. With its large, round ears and a tail that curls up playfully, it’s an easy to draw monkey that exudes charm and curiosity.

Monkey Riding Scooter

Easy Monkey Drawing, Monkey Riding Scooter

Here’s a drawing of a monkey riding a scooter, its tail curling behind. With focused eyes forward, it exudes a sense of fun and movement, making it a charming, easy monkey drawing.

Monkey Playing Guitar

Monkey Drawing Easy, Monkey Playing Guitar

Here’s an easy monkey drawing of a monkey happily playing a guitar with musical notes floating in the air. The content expression on its face suggests it’s enjoying the melody.

Monkey Eating Banana

Monkey Drawing, Monkey Eating Banana

Here’s an easy drawing of a cute monkey holding a banana with both hands, showcasing a big, contented smile. 

Monkey Swinging From Vine

Easy Cute Monkey Drawing, Monkey Swinging From Vine

This is an easy drawing of a cute monkey hanging from a vine by its tail, with a content expression on its face.

Monkey With Cupcake

Small Monkey Drawing, Monkey With Cupcake

Here’s a drawing of a small monkey holding a cupcake topped with a cherry. The monkey looks delighted, making it a sweet small monkey drawing that captures a moment of joy.

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Smiley Monkey

Monkey Face Drawing, Smiley Monkey

This is a cute smiley monkey face drawing. The monkey has a wide, happy smile, a small nose, and round, gleeful eyes. The ears are round and prominent, with a playful hair tuft on top. 

Monkey Sleeping In Tree

Cartoon Monkey Drawing, Monkey Sleeping In Tree

Here’s a drawing of a cartoon monkey sleeping peacefully on a branch, with “zzz” floating above to show it’s asleep. The tail curls snugly while the monkey enjoys its slumber.

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Monkey With Magic Wand

Easy Drawing Of A Monkey, Monkey With Magic Wand

Here’s an easy drawing of a monkey holding a magic wand, surrounded by stars and sparkles, suggesting it’s casting a spell. 

Monkey Wearing Hat

Simple Monkey Drawing, Monkey Wearing Hat

Here’s a drawing of a monkey wearing a hat and a suit, giving off a dapper vibe. The face is depicted with a gentle smile, contributing to the charm of this simple monkey drawing.

Monkey With Jump Rope

Cute Monkey Drawing, Monkey With A Jump Rope

Here’s a drawing of a black monkey with a jump rope, looking content and playful as it gets ready for some fun skipping action.

Monkey Playing With Butterfly

Monkey Drawing For Kids, Monkey Playing With Butterfly

Here’s a drawing of a monkey sitting and reaching out curiously towards a butterfly. The scene is playful and gentle, making it a perfect monkey drawing for kids.

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Monkey Peeking Out From Behind Tree

Monkey Drawing Cute, Monkey Peeking Out From Behind Tree

Here’s a drawing of a playful monkey peeking out from behind a tree with a cheerful expression. It’s a monkey drawing cute enough to brighten up any space.

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Monkey Wearing Sunglasses

Cool Monkey Drawing, Monkey Wearing Sunglasses

Here’s a drawing of a cool monkey with sunglasses, looking relaxed and confident. Its round ears stick out on either side of the head.

Monkey Wearing Superhero Cape

Simple Easy Monkey Drawing, Monkey Wearing Superhero Cape

Here’s a drawing of a monkey with a cape and a diamond emblem on its chest, posing heroically. This simple, easy monkey drawing captures the playful imagination of a monkey as a little superhero.

Monkey Wearing Bow Tie

Monkey Sketch, Monkey Wearing Bow Tie

Here’s a drawing of a monkey with a heart-shaped face, sporting a bow tie and a pleasant smile. This monkey sketch is both sweet and charming.

Monkey Dressed As Pirate

Kawaii Monkey Drawing, Monkey Dressed As Pirate

Here’s a drawing of a kawaii monkey dressed as a pirate, complete with an eye patch, a pirate hat adorned with a skull and crossbones, and holding a treasure map. 

Monkey With Crown

Draw A Monkey Easy, Monkey With Crown

Here’s a drawing of a monkey with a crown on its head, giving it a regal and adorable look. Its eyes are large and friendly, and it has a simple, pleasant smile, ideal for those wanting to draw a monkey easy.

Monkey With Birthday Cake

Animated Monkey Drawing, Monkey With Birthday Cake

Here’s a drawing of an animated monkey wearing a party hat, excitedly reaching for a large birthday cake with lit candles. 

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Monkey Playing With Ball

Drawing Of A Monkey, Monkey Playing With Ball

Here’s a drawing of a monkey cheerfully holding a ball, ready to play. With a wide smile and eyes full of excitement, this drawing of a monkey captures a playful and active moment.

Monkey Making Funny Face

Funny Monkey Drawing, Monkey Making Funny Face

Here’s a drawing of a cute funny monkey making a funny face with a wide playful tongue sticking out and a cheerful expression. 

Monkey Sitting On Branch

Monkey Outline, Monkey Sitting On Branch

Here’s a drawing of a monkey sitting on a branch with a gentle and happy expression. The drawing focuses on the monkey outline, with its distinctive tail, ears, and pleasant face.

Monkey Grooming Another Monkey

Monkeys Drawing, Monkey Grooming Another Monkey

Here’s a drawing of one monkey hugging another smaller monkey. They both have closed eyes and contented smiles. 

Monkey With Kite

Funny Monkey Drawing, Monkey With Kite

Here’s a drawing of a monkey with a large grin holding onto a kite. The playful pose and the cheerful expression make this a funny monkey drawing full of life and movement.

Sitting Monkey

Monkey Drawing Simple, Sitting Monkey

Here’s a drawing of a sitting monkey with a sweet, inviting face and a tail curled up behind it. It’s a perfect example of a simple monkey drawing.

Monkey Riding Skateboard

Cute Monkey Drawings, Monkey Riding Skateboard

Here’s a drawing of a monkey on a skateboard, seemingly in motion and having fun. It has a playful and adventurous spirit that makes it one of those cute monkey drawings that capture the imagination.

Monkey Swinging From Tire

Monkey To Draw, Monkey Swinging From Tire

Here’s a drawing of a monkey sitting on a tire swing, holding onto the rope with one hand and its tail casually hanging down. It’s a fun and playful monkey to draw, with a friendly face looking straight ahead.

Monkey With Fishing Rod

Draw A Monkey, Monkey With Fishing Rod

This image shows a monkey seated, holding a fishing rod with a content smile on its face. It’s a serene scene that would be fun to draw a monkey enjoying a quiet moment.

Congratulations on completing your monkey drawing masterpiece! By following these simple steps outlined in our “How to draw a monkey step-by-step” guide, you’ve unlocked the secrets to create cute monkey drawing easy. Remember, drawing is not just about creating a perfect image but also about enjoying the creative process. And I bet that our simple monkey drawings had unleashed your creativity too!So, whether you’re sketching for relaxation, honing your artistic skills, or simply having fun, keep exploring, experimenting, and embracing your unique style. 

Happy drawing!

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