🦋 30 Easy Simple Butterfly Drawing Ideas

The butterfly is one of the most beautiful insects in nature. You can often find them flying around the flowers with their large and brightly colored wings.🦋❤️

Here are plenty of easy simple butterfly drawing ideas that you can try out.

So, let’s grab a pen and paper and dive into it! 🦋✏️

30 Easy Simple Butterfly Drawing Ideas

You can start by drawing the basic butterfly. Just simply go with head, body, wings, and antennae with lines.

This approach is great for beginners just starting out with drawing, as it allows you to focus on the basics of proportion and shape.

In the beginning, you can sketch with a pencil in case you have to modify it, and then go over it with a colored pen.

1. Basic Butterfly

Basic Butterfly Drawing

This is a cute and simple basic butterfly drawing. Start by drawing two curved lines closely in the center for the butterfly’s body and antennas. On each side of body, add two big leaf-like shapes in the upper and two circle shapes in the lower for wings. Inside each circle-shaped wings, draw a  line for a fun swirl design. Now, you’ve got a sweet butterfly! 🦋

2. Minimalist Butterfly

Simple butterfly drawing, Minimalist Butterfly

This is a cute butterfly drawn with smooth lines. Begin with a S-shaped line for its body. Next, on each side of the body, draw a big, soft half-heart shape to make the butterfly’s wings. Add two curved lines on the top of the body for its antennas. And that’s it!

3. Simple Butterfly

Simple butterfly drawings, Simple Butterfly

Here are some other simple basic butterflies drawing with color pens,  like pink, yellow, Remember, each butterfly is unique, so feel free to give yours its special touch. Enjoy drawing your colorful butterfly friends!

4. Butterfly and Moon

Butterfly Drawing, Butterfly and Moon

Here a big crescent moon that looks like a banana with its pointy tips and a cute butterfly with fluttery wings and tiny antennas on its head. It seems like the butterfly is flying close to the moon, maybe saying “hello” or dancing in the moonlight! 🌙🦋

5. Butterfly with Cat

easy butterfly drawings, Butterfly with Cat

Here’s a drawing of a butterfly with a friendly kitty! Depict the kitty has big, round eyes and a cute button nose. Then draw a playful butterfly on the kitty’s head. Just giving the butterfly in a basic shape is okey. And there you have it, a cute butterfly with a kitty friend! 🐱🦋

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6. Butterfly with Bear

easy butterfly drawing, Butterfly and Bear

Here’s the butterfly’s another best friend – bear! Draw the butterfly in the side view. It has two big wings that look like the shape of a heart. And it’s body is a long oval, and it has two tiny antennas on its head. Depict the chubby bear standing upright, smiling at us with small, round eyes and a happy face. They are going to have fun day outside!🐻🦋

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7. Butterfly in Starry Night

butterfly drawing, Butterfly in Starry Night

Draw a bright yellow butterfly with its wings spread out flying in the night sky. It has tiny black antennas on its head. Around the butterfly, draw some small, twinkling stars. The butterfly is the star of the show, shining as brightly as the little stars around it! 🦋✨

8. Butterfly with Heart-Shaped Wings

butterfly drawings, Butterfly with Heart-Shaped Wings

This is a cute butterfly drawing with fun heart shapes on its wings. To draw it, start with a small oval for the body and two little antennas on top. Now, for the wings: draw two big loops on each side. Inside these loops, draw a smaller heart shape. Finish by adding details like stripes on the body. 🦋❤️

9. Butterfly with Flower

Cute butterfly drawing, Butterfly with Flower

Here’s a drawing of a red flower and a cute blue butterfly flying towards it. Begin with the flower with red petals, black stem, and green leaves. For the butterfly, draw the curved line for its body and add blue wings that look like stretched-out hearts, and don’t forget two tiny antennas! 🌼🦋

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10. Butterfly with Clouds

easy cute butterfly drawing, Butterfly with Clouds

Decipt a playful butterfly flying high among fluffy clouds. The butterfly is following a dotted path, kind of like when we play connect-the-dots! It’s like the butterfly is having an adventure, zooming around in the sky, and the clouds are its comfy resting spots! ☁️🦋

11. Butterfly with Falling Leaves

Easy butterfly drawing cute, Butterfly with Falling Leaves

Here’s a lovely drawing of a big butterfly in the center surrounded by falling leaves. It’s as if a gentle wind is making the leaves twirl and play while the butterfly enjoys being in the middle of this leafy celebration. It’s a joyful moment in nature! 🦋🍃

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12. Butterfly with Trail of Stars

Cute butterfly drawing easy, Butterfly with a Trail of Stars

Here’s a beautiful butterfly at the top, and it’s leaving behind a sparkling trail of stars as it flies. The stars come in different sizes, some big and some small, and they all twirl and twist, following the butterfly’s path. It’s like the butterfly is sprinkling stardust everywhere it goes, making everything around it shimmer and shine! 🦋✨

13. Butterfly Balloon

butterfly drawing easy, Butterfly Balloon

This is a drawing of a cute butterfly-shaped balloon with big, bright blue wings and a vibrant red body. On each of its wings, there are little red hearts, which makes it look like it’s spreading love everywhere it goes. It looks happy and ready to flutter around and play! 🦋❤️

14. Bubblegum Butterfly

Kawaii butterfly drawing, Bubblegum Butterfly

Create a butterfly with wings in shades of bubblegum pink. These shapes remind us of sweet bubblegum with wrappers on both sides. It’s a playful drawing of a butterfly having a party with two yummy Bubblegum! 🦋🍬🎉

15. Butterfly and Ocean

kawaii cute butterfly drawing, Butterfly and Ocean

Create a butterfly with wings that mimic the gentle waves of the ocean. Use flowing lines and curves to capture the fluidity of water. This drawing evokes a sense of tranquility and serenity. 🦋🌬️

16. Butterfly and Caterpillar

easy Butterfly and Caterpillar drawing for kids

Depict a cute butterfly with its wings spread out and a caterpillar with a series of rounded segments and tiny feet. The drawing captures the essence of the transformation journey from a caterpillar to a butterfly. 🐛🦋

17. Cupcake Butterfly

cute Cupcake Butterfly drawing

Create an adorable butterfly with wings that resemble cupcake wrappers. Give the wings a sugary and delightful texture by adding heart-shaped patterns. And draw a little butterfly design on the front of the cupcake as well. 🦋🧁💕

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18. Butterfly with Teacup

easy cute Butterfly with Teacup Drawing

Illustrate a cute butterfly with a teacup. Draw tiny teacups and saucers, and position the butterfly perching on the edge of a cup. The butterfly seems curious, maybe wondering if there’s sweet nectar inside! 🦋☕🎨

19. Butterfly with Girl

easy Butterfly with Girl Drawing

Create a scene of a girl with wavy hair reaching out to a pretty butterfly. The butterfly floats in the air, dancing near the girl’s fingertips. It looks like a magical moment, as if the butterfly and the girl are sharing a special secret or maybe the girl is just saying “hello” to her fluttery friend! 🌸🦋👧🏼

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20. Butterfly and Ladybug

Cartoon butterfly drawing, Butterfly and Bug

Here’s a tiny, cute bug on one’s finger and a pretty butterfly flying nearby. The butterfly seems curious about the little ladybug on the finger. Maybe it is saying, “Hey, come and fly with me!” 🐞🦋 (If the hand is hard for you to draw, skip it!)

21. Butterfly with Book

butterfly drawing idea, Butterfly with Book

A bright orange butterfly has landed on the edge of an open book, maybe it’s curious about the stories, too, or it just found a cozy spot to rest. Depict the butterfly with beautiful, spread-out wings and a tiny little body in the middle. 📖🦋

22. Butterfly with Bubble Trail

butterfly drawing ideas, Butterfly with Bubble Trail

Depict a cute blue butterfly with yellow spots on its wings in mid-flight, leaving a trail of orange bubbles behind it. Draw bubbles of different sizes to create a sense of movement and magic as the butterfly flutters by.🦋✨

23. Butterfly with Dog

butterfly drawing cute, Butterfly with Dog

Create the scene of a friendly dog sitting happily with its tail wagging and a tiny butterfly fluttering above. It’s as if the dog wants to play with the butterfly. Can you imagine the butterfly saying, “Catch me if you can!” while the dog watches with excitement? 🐶🦋

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24. Butterfly with Polka Dots

butterfly drawing simple, Butterfly with Polka Dots

Draw a basic-shaped butterfly with big, spread-out wings adorned with bright, colorful polka dots in different sizes. These dots make the butterfly look like it’s wearing a fun, dotted dress for a special party!

25. Butterfly with a Message

Cute butterfly drawing, Butterfly with a Message

Here’s a friendly butterfly with a big smile on its face holding a sign with a cute message ‘BE HAPPY’ written on it. It’s like the butterfly gives everyone who sees the picture a sweet reminder to always find reasons to smile and be joyful! 🦋✨🙂

26. Butterfly as a Ballerina

cute butterfly drawing for kids, Butterfly as a Ballerina

Depict a butterfly with its large, rounded wings that display simple dotted patterns. It is dressed as a graceful ballerina with a tutu and ballet slippers on its tiny feet, dancing delicately on a stage. Give it a round, expressive face with dot eyes and a gentle smile capturing both elegance and playfulness.💃🏻🦋

27. Butterfly and Peach

Easy Butterfly and Peach Drawing

Draw a plump, juicy peach sitting on the ground with its green leaves. And on the peach’s top is a whimsical butterfly perching on it. It looks like the butterfly decided to take a little break and rest on top of the peach. It’s as if they’re having a quiet chat or the peach is giving the butterfly a comfy place to sit for a bit! 🍑🦋

28. Butterfly with Rainbow Wings

Easy Cute Butterfly with Rainbow Wings Drawing

Draw a big, happy butterfly with wings full of bright colors like a rainbow! Each wing has stripes of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. And give the butterfly’s body with pink color and cute little spots to make it more adorable! 🌈🦋

29. Butterfly with Pointy Edge Wings

Cool butterfly drawing, Butterfly with Pointy Edge Wings

Outline the butterfly with big wings that look a bit like leaves. The wings have some pointy edges and wavy lines. Its body is long and thin, with two antennas sticking up from its head.

30. Cute Butterfly

Cute Butterfly Drawing

Hey, little friends! Look at this cute butterfly! It has big, round wings that look like fluffy clouds. The butterfly’s body is striped like a little zebra, and it has two big, goofy eyes that make it look super friendly!

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There are many easy simple butterfly drawing ideas to choose from. 🌟🦋

With a little bit of practice and experimentation, you can create beautiful drawings of these stunning creatures.

Enjoy your drawing! 🖌❤️